I am often struck with the desire to help others find their way, to ease someone’s pain, to comfort during the midst of tragedy. In my counseling work as a Clinical Social Worker, it is a privilege to live out that drive to help others by supporting my clients through various decisions or hardships in their lives.

However, I am aware that there are so many folks who can’t or don’t make it to counseling. ¬†We feel too busy to make it, too maxed out to add one more place to be, too alone to think someone would care, or too ashamed to reach for help. So, knowing that not everyone will bring themselves to walk through the door for a counseling session during each moment in life that they might need comfort and support, I decided to start this blog. Here, I hope you will find¬†encouragement for wellness when you might need it. Small reminders to work towards mindfulness and peace. And most of all, the strength and courage to reach for help when you feel overwhelmed and alone.